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Dr. Farr has recently edited two books:

Articular Cartilage Injury of the Knee: Basic Science to Surgical Repair
Stannard, Cook and Farr, Eds.
Compendium of special focus sections from The Journal of Knee Surgery

Cartilage Restoration: Practical Clinical Applications
Farr and Gomoll, Ed.
Clinically based book with many chapters by the Editors

All royalties from the books are donated to the Indiana Arthritis Foundation.

Congratulations to Dr. Farr for being named one of America's 70 best knee surgeons.

Indianapolis Monthly honors:
2012 Top Doctor
2013 Top Doctor

You may view Dr. Farr's talk, The Use of Allografts in The Complex Patient: Meniscal and Osteochondral, at the Cartilage Replacement Symposium.

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