Future Techniques

Biologic tissue engineering continues to develop exciting new approaches in the laboratory for consideration in clinical application. It may be possible to use certain cells from the bone marrow or other tissues (which have the potential to develop into several different types of cells, thus called pluripotential cells, or in this case, adult mesenchymal stem cells) and induce them to form meniscal or hyaline cartilage. A variety of growth factors or other repair stimulants (such as very low level pulsed electrical current) may also come into play in creating the right "local environment" for hyaline of meniscal cartilage to regenerate, repair, and/or remain healthy. Local genetic modification is also be explored. The Cartilage Treatment Center participates in numerous clinical trials, some of which may involve experimental and investigational techniques that can only be discussed privately with individual patients. Please visit centerwatch.com, clinicaltrials.gov, or ask your surgeon for details.