Articular Cartilage

Established Arthritis

Unfortunately, many patients have articular cartilage damage that is beyond the scope of cartilage repair, regeneration, or restoration. They have often suffered for many years with arthritis that limits daily living activities. For these patients, our knee surgeons have replacement options to relieve pain and help restore function.

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement and Patellofemoral Replacement

This procedure replaces only the damaged compartment of the knee with metal and plastic, leaving the remaining joint intact for a more "natural feel." There is less blood loss than with a full knee replacement and the majority of patients return home the morning after surgery. The surgery can be performed with tissue sparing, minimally invasive techniques and also with computer assisted surgical navigation.

Total Knee Replacement

If there is extensive damage which precludes the use of the above procedures, then the entire knee joint surface is replaced with artificial components, allowing most patients to return to pain-free activities. This procedure can also be performed with computer assisted surgical navigation. The goal of computer assisted navigation is to improve the accuracy of component position and limb alignment. With regional anesthetic pain pumps providing improved comfort, very healthy patients who have the desire, often can return home soon after knee replacement surgery.