Emerging Meniscal Bio-technology

Investigators are now examining the potential of using collagen or another biologic tissue to serve as a bridge or scaffold for the body's own healing/repair mechanism to use in re-establishing the function of the meniscus. In Europe, a collagen scaffold (Collagen Meniscal Scaffold, CMI®) is available for human use, but remains investigational in the US at this time. In the United States, basic science studies have been conducted on the use of other alternative meniscal scaffolds. Dr. Farr has participated in both biological scaffold and adult stem cell clinical studies. As with all meniscal surgery, while the short-term goal is pain relief, the long-term goal is to prevent the development or progression of arthritis; thus possibly eliminating the need for later surgeries such as a total knee replacement. This protective effect remains unproven and will need long-term outcome studies before conclusions can be made.